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“What pen did you use?”

An empty toilet roll is an excellent tool for writing and drawing letters


Calligraphers and lettering artists receive a lot of questions on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, about which tools they are using. Granted, using the appropriate nibs, brushes & pens can be of help to achieve certain styles, but not unless you know how to wield them. It’s easy to forget the dedication and years of practice that this skill necessitates, and many seem to place too much emphasis on specific tools.

Based on this, I conducted a little investigation into this phenomenon for my master’s degree thesis. How important is the pen, the nib or the brush? I experimented…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Over the past few weeks, most of us have had to hit the pause button on our lives. Our holidays and events have been cancelled, and we have been forced to think of activities that can be done at home. I have had to rethink how I spend my time, as my usual go-to options have been taken away from me.

My life does certainly not stretch as far and wide as it did 6 months ago. Although I am definitely looking forward to society re-opening and meeting my friends and family again, there are a few experiences and lessons…

Two of our 2019 interns, Marte and Jess.

About the Etch Academy

The Etch Academy is a 6 month paid internship here at Etch. It started in 2019 with 3 interns — one digital design intern, one marketing intern, and one development intern. You can read about their experiences further down in this article. In 2020 we are looking for 3 new interns from across 5 specialisms — in digital design, marketing and development like last year, but this year we will also offer internships in strategy and client services as well.

Being an intern at Etch gives you an insight into the creative digital industry and a…

Marte Vik Eriksen

Designer & lettering artist

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